Bushido: Completed Blood Brothers 

Bushido: Completed Blood Brothers 

I finally had a chance to set up some terrain and take some pictures of these guys.

To try to give the Blood Brothers a unique look, I tried giving just a few areas some very bright intense contrasting colors while leaving the rest of them rather gray. The gray is also actually rich with color with a good deal of magenta blended into the base black. The resulting warm purplish base coat is then highlighted with Hammerfall Khaki. This color has a slight yellow tint to creating a surprisingly saturated feel to these more drab parts. I’m pleased with the overall result. I didn’t spend anywhere close to as long on these four as I did on my Ito Clan but I think they ended up with a very distinct look that is different from anything else I’ve painted.



Shenzhiqi is up first.















I think Baichi is my favorite – the model and the paintjob. Sure he’s not as cool as a samurai, but look at all those little details. I am a little bummed at how the osl on the lantern turned out in the picture though. I wasn’t trying to make it too intense, and liked the end result, but it seems so diminished in these pics. Oh well, still pleased with him overall.


~Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I did some WiPs of Shuohuang that I hope to have posted before too long.

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