Four indispensable P3 colors. 

Four indispensable P3 colors. 

Change can be hard. 

Recently my local game store in Austin stopped stocking P3. I started replacing my paints with similar colors from GW as they ran out. I’ve been shocked how many of my favorite P3 colors don’t have a GW analogue. I’ve substituted where I can but there’s no replacing these four. 

Coal Black and Murderous Magenta both have poor coverage when applied directly but are extremely vivid when mixed with lighter colors. Murderous Magenta in particular has become indispensable for any kind of skin. 

Menoth White blends so much more smoothly than any “pure” white whether from P3 or GW. I use it in place of pure white almost everywhere. 

Finally GW just don’t offer anything in the blue scope that’s as beautifully saturated as Cygnar Blue Highlight. I’ve been very surprised and a little disappointed at how dull most of their blues are. 

Fortunately my store will still special order P3 so it’s not as if it’s tough to get. While the range is obviously not perfect I’m going to continue buying GW for now because they have some colors that P3 can’t really compare with. I love Wild Rider Red. Expect that to come up in a painting article soon. I also think GWs Flash Gitz Yellow is an improvement over P3s Cygnus Yellow. It’s ever so slightly more orange-ish which might mean it isn’t ideal for every situation, but it seems to cover a little better. 

Do you try paints by different manufacturers and/or have any favorites between brands?

9 thoughts on “Four indispensable P3 colors. 

    1. Arcane blue and bloodstone are both really good. Skrag Brown has been doing a good job replacing Bloodstone for me but I still have a half full pot of Arcane Blue.

      I know lots of people love Vallejo but I just find the whole dropper bottle thing too fiddly.


  1. I use GW, not because of choice but because it’s all we get here in South Africa. I’ve grown to love them over the years. What’s Army Painter like?


  2. Tamiya and Citadel (GW) are my primary paints. I can get Citadel at game stores (that are heavy into miniature games) and Tamiya from “regular” hobby shops. One of the things I like about Citadel is that they went back to a “snap-on” lid as opposed to a screw cap. It is much easier (IMO) to keep the lid-lips clean (and therefore prevent your paint from drying up in the bottle) with a snap lid as opposed to a screw-on lid. I’ve tried the acrylic Testor colors. They’re a bit hit-or-miss in consistency and coverage. I don’t know it that’s a problem with their “formula” or just issues with their manufacturing. However, on an ounce-per-dollar scale, nothing can beat Testor’s prices.

    I once used Ral Partha for some of my colors, but they went out of business many years ago.


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