Month: May 2018

Knight Models: Painting Emma Frost Part 2

Knight Models: Painting Emma Frost Part 2


Today I’m moving on to the clothing. White is tricky to paint – as many of you doubtless already know. One good trick is to start with a nice white basecoat, and try to leave as much white showing as possible. Build the shadows in slowly to make sure a lot of the clean white base shows through. So… yeah not doing so great following my own advice so far here. I started the way I usually do, roughing in the shading and highlights and I think I over-shaded a bit.


Another thing I recommend when painting white is adding in a lot of color. Here I was going for a mix of blue and orange.


I think it turned out alright, but you have to be careful with effects like this to really make them work. I didn’t take the time to make it clean enough, although you can still see the interaction of the orange and blue in a few places. Unfortunately I covered almost all of it up with highlights before the end.


Here I’m going back and defining more of the individual folds of cloth.


Then I began to start picking out the seams.


Next I darken the shadows some in a few areas with a mix of Umbral Umber and Exile Blue.


Last I do the belt. I start by painting it with a mix of Exile Blue, Umbral Umber, and Greatcoat Gray. Then I pick out the details with pure Morrow White. I defined some of the deeper recesses with the same color to make them pop a little more.


I’m not as crazy about Emma here as I am about some of the other Marvel Models I’ve painted. I didn’t have the patience to make sure the white was blended and layered enough to be really smooth and even. I’m also not too crazy about her face. The detail was extremely fine and it was really hard to give everything the proper definition. Still, it seemed like she could be a useful guide for anyone curious about techniques for painting white.

~Hope you enjoyed Emma Frost!