Dark Age: Painting a Skarrd Tribal Father Part 2

Dark Age: Painting a Skarrd Tribal Father Part 2

You didn’t think I forgot about my Skarrd did you?


The next step for this model is his fancy little half cloak. Having recently begun experimenting with GW paints again, there was one color I was particularly enjoying: Wild Rider Red. The first time I used it was in the Harpies’ hair (the Tribal Father was the last model from this set I painted fwiw), and I immediately wanted to use it again. That was a good enough reason to use it for his cloak. I suppose it makes him look a bit like Blood Cult but I guess I’m ok with that.


Here’s the color breakdown for the cloak. The base color is black with a good bit of green ink added to create a little bit of color contrast and make the green really pop. The Menoth White Highlight is used sparingly and only blended in. No pure Menoth White Highlight is used on the red.


Here I’ve just cleaned it up some more after the first coat had dried. Red paint is notorious for being difficult to work with but this seemed to be a little easier to use than most.


In this last shot I begin to blend in very small amounts of the white. It’s really only noticeable along the edge of the cloak. I also began on his black skirt. I’m using the same technique here that I did for my Blood Brothers since I really liked how it turned out there.


Here are the colors. The base is Abaddon Black mixed with Murderous Magenta for a nice warm black. I accidentally put airbrush black in the shot though. Just use regular black. Then the highlights are Murderous Magenta.


Here I’ve just cleaned it up some more.


And then after a little more wet blending it looks even nicer and smoother. I also started on his shoulderpad here. I thought a nice greenish bronze would make some good contrasts for all the warm reddish tones.


Here is my standard NMM bronze mix. Battledress is used as the basecoat. It’s highlighted with increasing amounts of Ungor Flesh followed by Menoth White Highlight. The Coal Black is used to shade.


Here is the shoulderpad cleaned up a little more. I didn’t use any pure Ungor Flesh since I wanted to preserve that kind of greenish tint.

~Hope you enjoyed part 2! Look for Part 3 tomorrow.


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