Gencon Pics Round Two

Gencon Pics Round Two

Here are all the rest of the pictures I took.

First stop: the Bushido booth. Unfortunately they have been so busy getting everyone’s risen sun orders that they weren’t able to bring anything totally new. Most of these models are on their website already.

I know I saw these on Facebook at some point but maybe you haven’t. I was working on my own when I got hit with a big batch of commissions.

A little dark but here’s the ryu half.

These are the other two from the Ryu starter. I don’t think I’ve seen them painted before now.

Here is that new marvel game everyone’s been talking about. Looks interesting. I’m very curious about it but it wasn’t up for sale yet.

This was demo table terrain which made for a really impressive presentation.

And of course there’s also the DC universe from Knight Models. I liked the marvel game they used to make and even bought a ton of DCU models but I never got a chance to play it.

I really like the doom patrol.

I’ve even been tempted to buy some Harry Potter models since they look so fantastic but I’m just not a big enough fan.

I had a really bad experience with the first relic knights Kickstarter that has kept me away from Ninja division ever since. They do make nice models though.


And in the very back corner of the exhibit hall at the Miniature Market booth was the confrontation stuff from the Legacy Edition. A strange mix of old metal and the nicest of the failed plastic rage recast in a hopefully higher quality. The plastic Acheron pieces look good. The gargoyles seem to be the weird different sculpts they were showing before the kickstarter campaign.

More of that here. The grand crane is from the plastic range as are the two other acheron models on the left and right.

So these are the 17 models from the celebration kit apparently. I was almost curious enough to buy it but it wasn’t on sale yet.


And of course this gorgeous display from Para Bellum.


Awesome stuff as always.


And for anyone with sharp eyes, there were these supremely bizarre new Spire Centauroids.


And these tall spindly oversized infantry.


The magma diorama was set up a little differently so I got some really close shots.


This is just such an impressive kit I really don’t know what else to say.

~Hope you enjoyed the pics. That will probably be all of them.

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