Gencon Photo Dump!

Gencon Photo Dump!

Lots of pics!

The most important booth first: Arena Rex. Two new Helleniki models from the new starter. I’m still finishing the third along with Crassus the new bear.

Space marines in chibi and giant varieties.

New terminators?

Looks like aeronautica imperialis is coming back.

Beast men and some kind of elves? Both for underworlds apparently.

New game.

At CMON now.

New asoiaf minis!


Also cool but I’d rather see Ironborn

Finally Thenns!

And a Gundam game apparently!

FFG now. Not sure which xwing stuff is new if any.

Some of these are definitely new.

Aristeia now at Corvus Belli.

And Infinity.

New stuff for Wander from Panda Cult games. I had a lot of fun playing this at Adepticon. It’s a fun little dungeon crawler.

They’re also doing a shovel knight game and the unpainted guys on the left are for an upcoming Ghostbusters game.

Privateer Press now with their con exclusives.

New archons and minicrate stuff.

Gotta admit these infernals look pretty great.

Riot Quest.

Some newly painted kaijus in here.

That’s it for now. Might have some more tomorrow.

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