Bushido: Freehanding a Ryu Dragon Cloak

Bushido: Freehanding a Ryu Dragon Cloak

Here’s how I freehanded the cloak from the Ryu starter models I posted the other day.

The first step was to do a lot of research. I searched “Japanese Dragon” on Pinterest and came up with a lot of results and tried to find some sources that I liked and that I thought would be easiest to duplicate.

As always I started with a basic shape. The colors used here are GWs Averland Sunset with a little P3 Bloodstone mixed in.

I mix a little Menoth White Highlight into the base color mix to start defining the shapes highlight.

Finally I began trying to paint on individual scales with a mix of Caliban Green and Rhinox Hide. The combination basically gives me a really dark Olive Color. Unfortunately painting tiny individual lines is rather beyond my skill, so I shifted to another approach.

After painting most of the area with the olive colored scale stripes I went back in and began to form the scale shapes with individual dabs of Averland Sunset, then Averland Sunset mixed with Menoth White Highlight. I also begin painting in the background using the negative space to begin to really solidify the Dragon’s shape.

It takes a lot of attempts to get the scales looking how I want them, and of course they’re never quite as good as I’d really like them to be. But the first thing I ever freehanded didn’t look this good. You just keep on trying.

Honestly it was those dang curly spirals on the clouds that were the real pain.

-Hope that was helpful! I’ll try to have another article up next week but I’m crazy busy trying to finish up commissions before Gencon.

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