Bushido: Painting Takashi Akira Part 3

Bushido: Painting Takashi Akira Part 3

The final installment!


Yesterday I left off with the samurai armor. After adding a few more layers to even out the blending I add a thin line of highlight along the top of every strip of armor.


Then A thin line of black in every recess. While I have the black out I also paint all the threads that bind the armor together, and pretty much everything else that I think should have a black outline. I also start on some of the other extras. The sheath is painted Maccrage Blue. The socks get a basecoat of Screaming Skull mixed with just a tiny amount of Rhinox Hide.


I bring more of that blue into the sandal straps and highlight it with a little Menoth White Highlight.


Then (probably the most painstaking part) each thread is picked out with Evil Sunz Scarlet. The yellow cloth and gold NMM get a basecoat of Averland Sunset. Bad Moon Yellow is used to highlight the cloth. For the NMM gold, the Averland Sunset base is blended up into pure white for a more reflective highlight. Hopefully this will distinguish it from the similarly colored cloth


Skrag Brown and Rhinox Hide are used to shade the gold to really make it pop. Teeny tiny highlights of Troll Slayer Orange mixed with a little Pallid Wych Flesh are used to pick out each red thread. You have to be careful to keep them from looking pink. Additionally the sash is repainted with the Kantor Blue/Maccrage Blue scheme. This blue shows up a lot in the other Ryu models and I felt Akira could use a little more of it.


I continue to add more layers, sharpening highlights and smoothing out shadows. As always I still feel like there are a hundred more things I could do to clean everything up and sharpen the detail that much more. But I still have the Ito half to finish. Not to mention all those squigs. And all those Cultists. And those orcs

Hope there was something helpful for you in this series!

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