Bushido: Painting Takashi Akira Part 1

Bushido: Painting Takashi Akira Part 1

Time to look at how I painted Akira from the upcoming Bushido 2-player starter.

Today is going to be pretty straightforward as I just go over the cloth on the pants and shirt.


The basecoat was a mix of GWs Screamer Pink (more of a deep red than a pink) and Skrag Brown. I began blending a little black and Kantor Blue into the recesses while it was still wet.


Since you can see the cloth a little better on the back, I’m going to flip him around now. I’ve gone in with a second coat of that base color to make that raspberry tone really pop and also gotten some more blue/black in the recesses. A bit too dark maybe but its all part of the process.


I go back over the all the folds in the cloth with the base color. Then to really make them pop I blend in some more intense highlights of Menoth White Highlight (p3) in a few places.


Here he is from the front again after I did the first basecoat for the armor.

Like I said, not that much today but hopefully still something helpful.

~Armor tomorrow!

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