All the Squigs I plan to bring to Age of Sigmar

All the Squigs I plan to bring to Age of Sigmar

Here’s a list and a bit on how I plan to use it.

As I said yesterday the first plan is to keep it squigs only. Here’s that list:

Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz


Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (300) (General)

Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90) Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (300)

Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig (110)


24 x Squig Herd (280)

24 x Squig Herd (280)

15 x Squig Hoppers (270)

10 x Boingrot Bounderz (200)


Mangler Squigs (240)


Squigalanche (90)

Squig Rider Stampede (140)

This list grew from the first mob of squigs I just decided to slap together. Eventually I tweaked and added things as I read and re-read the Gloomspite Gitz book and got more of a handle on their crazy synergies. It also doesn’t hurt that I already own most of these models, although the more I think about it the more I’m thinking about buying new Squig Hoppers and an extra box of new Squigs.


Despite having put a bit of thought into it, I still see this as largely a fun list. Squigs are extremely random so it’s probably not the best idea to get too serious about winning with them. That having been said, I think this list can be strong and maybe catch your opponent off guard with it’s speed. All I need is for the dice to cooperate. Here’s how I’m going to try to play it…


Turn 1 we’re going to try to see that Fungoid Cave Shaman cast Squig Lure. This can let up to D3 Squig units run and charge. The Moonboss on Mangler Squig will be the target to see if we can’t get it (and hopefully at least the other Mangler Squig too) to go cause some chaos turn 1. With a lot of luck maybe I can even get the Bounderz in there.


To really speed things up The Loonboss on Giant Squig will use Let’s Get Bouncing. Then the Squig Rider Stampede Warscroll Batallion will let me re-roll moves on the four units with random movement. Even without a run move, most of these bouncy boys will average 13.5″ in the move phase. If I don’t get the run roll I want for one of my Lured units I can always use On The Double to get the Mangler Boss extra close. Then I just have to hope for decent charge rolls on top of everything else. Since he’s going to be right in the middle of danger, I’m giving the big guy the Clammy Cowl and I’m going to make him Tough ‘n’ Leathery for a good bit of extra survivability.


Of course all my planning may be premature since I’ve only actually played Age of Sigmar twice. And this with Wanderers – almost a polar opposite of these Squigs. I guess I’ll get to see how it works – but first I gotta paint them.

~Any AoS players out there have any advice for me?


3 thoughts on “All the Squigs I plan to bring to Age of Sigmar

    1. Yeah A squig riding shaman blasting green energy everywhere would be awesome. I can console myself a little that the fungoid cave shaman has one as a weapon, but it just doesn’t feel like a squigs only list when one model is missing the keyword.


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