I am Cursed

I am Cursed

One of the lucky cursed few…

I’ve decided to take a break from the Genestealer Cult and finish a (hopefully) quick Age of Sigmar army with a bunch of cursed, squig riding gitz.


I’m going to stick to the Squig keyword (with the exception of the only Gloomspite model I’ve already painted) to help keep me focused and the project short. The Gloomspite Gitz are a very interesting force and the temptation is strong to create multiple themed armies with hordes of gitz, all trogs, and Spiderfangs. They all look like fun and they all have their strengths. This could easily land me in the same spot I’ve been with GSC – painting for months with months left of work to go.


The Squig army I’ve come up with numbers only around 75 models (although two of them are behemoths, and 26 of them are cavalry which are almost like two models) so I’m hoping it will take a couple months at most to paint.

I’m going to use the old metal squig hoppers and squigs I already own since re-buying all the new plastics, gorgeous though they are, would cost around $250. Additionally these models are already assembled and mostly cleaned, saving me time. My only remaining purchase for the army then is the Moonboss on Mangler Squig.

~Wish me luck on the new project!

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