Genestealer Cult: Character Progress

Genestealer Cult: Character Progress

Here are some characters I’ve finished (and one that might still need a little more work.


First up is the Primus. Hopefully his finished paintjob will inspire him to new acts of heroism and valor since he’s never really been worth his points. I realized recently I’ve been playing him wrong – having him give me +1 to damage rolls instead of re-rolling 1s for damage rolls. I basically combined Cult demagogue and meticulous planner into one rule. Maybe using both rules properly can help me out in the future.


Here’s his back.


The Magus has been another disappointment on the battlefield, but maybe now with the glowy hand and eyes he’ll finally unleash some of that psychic might. Dang… looks like I didn’t quite finish that staff.


And it looks like I need to finish the jewel on the back of the staff. And his bracelets.


And here’s his buddy. I guess it’s nice to have two done (at least almost) but I’ve yet to see the one make up his points so the thought of fielding a pair of them doesn’t really appeal to me.


Kelermorph 2. This is the standard sculpt. I got good use out of the Acolytes that came with him and I’d like to paint the terrain at some point too. Sadly I don’t think I’ve caused a single wound with a Keler yet but I think the real point is to get the bonus to hit against whatever you plan to throw demo charges at.


And of course the reverse.


Last up is my third Kelermorph. I put him together with bits I had around. Once I’d settled on using the Tempestus officer cloak I decided to go full pirate. Kelers are supposed to be folk heroes after all and pirates often were. He was a lot of fun to convert but it was a pain getting that primus torso in the coat. Somehow in the process (and I’m still not sure what I did) I lowered the helmet somewhat and the head didn’t fit in right. I’d already sculpted a sash and eyepatch so I had to shave down the painted head and squeeze it into the reduced size space. It looks OK with him seeming kinda hunkered down in there but I wish you could see the face a bit better.


Here’s another angle.


And the back.

I still have a lot of cult work left to do, including a ton of other characters. On that list alone there is a Jackal Alphus, A Locus, a Sanctus, possibly another Primus, my Patriarch, and the Iconward in the intro shot that is not quite done. I may take a break when looncurse comes out and do some squigs finally. It can always be helpful to mix things up a little.

~What do you think of this lot?


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