Warhammer 40k: Finishing up the Brood Brothers Conversions

Warhammer 40k: Finishing up the Brood Brothers Conversions

Here are a few shots of these weapon teams.

The lure of cheap Heavy Support options to fill out a Brigade Detachment is too strong to ignore. Like so many Genestealer Cultist players I have turned to mortar teams for that role. The only problem was basic Cadian guardsmen just seemed to dull for the job.

I decided to spice it up a little and came up with these debased wretches. Brood Brothers don’t get the “<Cult>” abilities of their force so I decided to try to find a way to play on that thematically. Rather than Guardsmen, the Brood Brothers are all unfortunates on which the Patriarch’s blessing didn’t take properly. They are outcasts from the larger cult, but their deformities are too severe for them to integrate their local society. And of course they wouldn’t anyway because they’re still fanatically devoted. They’re stuck skulking around the backfield out of the way of the proper cultists who can’t stand the sight of them.


The basis for the model is the Skaven Plague Monk. I had to shave off their tails and hack off their legs, which were replaced with standard Cadian Legs.

The hooded heads are from the Glade Guard box. Once upon a time using these heads turned a unit of Glade Guard into Scouts. Possibly the simplest multi-purpose kit GW ever released. I actually have several dozen of these heads because believe it or not I do have a Wood Elf army. I even plan to add to it and turn it into an actual Wanderers force. Of course first I have to finish these Cultists.


The hands and most of the weapons are also from Cadian Kits – Heavy Weapon teams and in some cases standard Troopers. These as it happens are left over from some long finished commissions. In fact 5 mortars of the nine mortars for these teams are also from these. The sixth I was lucky enough to snag from a box full of “free to a good home” bits at Dragon’s Lair. This left me with one more heavy weapon kit to buy. It was my only other purchase for all nine teams other than the Plague Monk box. The last few pieces came from a Cults upgrade sprue that came with a Leman Russ.


The hardest part was probably just shaving plastic off of wrists and ankles until the Cadian legs and hands fit properly with the Skaven legs and torsos. Green-stuffing all the gaps actually took a fraction of the time. A lot of the monks have wristbands that made it a little easier to hide the joins but it wasn’t always that simple. Tracking down enough hands was also difficult as I didn’t have all the ones from the original kits the mortars came from. Fortunately I had a few Catachan bits (I honestly can’t remember where these came from) to give me the last few hands I needed.

As always converting is fun, but the whole endeavor took ages. It’s been almost a full month since I posted the first pictures of these guys. Of course I finished a lot of other things in the same span. I’m hoping I can keep this in mind as much brain continues insisting I do twenty or thirty more of these things for some actual Brood Brothers squads, or even a full militarum army.

~What do you think of these Brood Brothers?

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