Painting: Salt Weathering Tutorial

Painting: Salt Weathering Tutorial

Here are some WiP Shots I took as I tried some salt weathering techniques on my Genestealer Cult Vehicles


The “trick” as it were with this batch was that I pinched the salt quickly onto the wet primer. I had to spray one side at a time applying the salt carefully where I thought it would look natural. I tried to keep it around the bottom of the vehicles and in the crevices where water accumulates and forms more rust.

If you want to try weathering this way, be aware that it will leave a bit of a crust around the salt creating a physical texture that stays on the vehicle. I think it adds to the appearance but others may not be as excited by it.


Next I airbrushed on the color. It started as a base of Deathworld forest moving up to Baneblade Brown and then Terminatus Stone. I wish I’d spent a little longer getting it just right but I mostly just did a few basic blasts of lighter color from above.


Then I masked off the areas where I would add the color. Then I airbrushed on some Troll Slayer Orange with a highlight of Kislev Flesh.


I brushed on the red. I just didn’t feel like messing with masking anymore. It’s always a little tricky getting the tape to stick to a 3d surface, but when there’s all this salt getting in the way it’s that much worse.


To remove the salt I run the tank under hot water and give it a good brushing with a heavy dishwashing brush. I get pretty aggressive with it to try to pull some of the paint off the edges to make it look even more worn.


So rusty…

Of course this shot highlights one of the problems with salt. The cubes are square and can almost look a little too regular. I might try crushing the salt a bit or try a different kind of salt when I get on to the next batch of vehicles.


Of course the weathering is just the beginning. The model is not quite finished in the pic here but already a lot more time went into it than the entire salting process. The edges need to be highlighted and all the details picked out. I actually already painted the crew for this vehicle but I have other vehicles that still need them. You could leave them off I guess but all the guys hanging on is what makes these trucks so cool!

~Does this look like something you would try or are they just too rusty?



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