Warhammer 40k: Sunday Team Tournament Game Three

Warhammer 40k: Sunday Team Tournament Game Three

Game three brought me up against a team of Sisters players!

The Sisters layer from the first game was back somehow paired with the third Sisters player at the event. Their armies were very similar with Penitent Engines swapped out for Celsestine and bodyguard in this new army. I’m sure there were a few other differences but basically – lots of sisters, lots of heavy flamers, lots of melta.

My partner was a Death Guard player with a lot more experience than me. More than anyone else I met at the event he was there to win games. He was still a very friendly person though – the kind who you can still enjoy playing even if they’re beating the crap out of you. He had brought along a Nurgle Demon prince to buff a couple of Bloat Drones including a Flesh Mower. The rest of his force was in a Termite and consisted of a couple of squads of Plague Marines loaded with special weapons, a Biolgus Putrifier, and a Chaos Lord.

The other team got the first turn, but being armed much like my own force had very little shooting to do turn one. My Devastators blew up one Repressor. I’d hidden them behind a hill turn 1 to keep them out of sight so they were at a penalty to hit. My Nurgle ally charged two of the Repressors heading up the field with the Demon Prince and Flesh Mower after weakening it a little with the other Bloat Drone. Unfortunately the demons weren’t quite powerful enough to eliminate both transports.

My big mistake this round was not moving the transports up properly.  I kept them back since it was clear my opponents were coming to us, but I failed to anticipate how the demons would block their path through. This would keep me from leveraging them properly next round. Also both their Hunter Killer Missiles missed their targets.

On the following turn the Nurgle demons endured nearly an entire army’s worth of fire power. One of the Prince’s spells inflicted a to hit penalty on anyone trying to blast the mower and that’s probably what helped it survive the barrage. Celestine tried and failed to finish it off and got herself killed in the process. Unfortunately she would be back.

My Nurge ally’s termite popped up and unleashed quite a bit of Devastation on the other Sisters player. I blew up another Repressor but the only Razorback in Heavy Flamer range only managed to kill two Sisters.

I lost it in the following phase and nearly lost the other as well.


In the next turn I finally got everyone in place. So of course that’s when they started screwing up. The Razorback’s Heavy Flamer couldn’t finish off Celestine but did do four wounds to her. It should have done more. I did Flame Craft Stratagem with it and it was standing within six inches of Vulkan. The Heavy Flamer Vanguard vets only managed to kill a couple of Sisters thanks to some good saving rolls. The combi Melta Vanguard vets both missed the Immolator. The Devastators should have finished it but also rolled quite poorly. They’re the only ones with any excuse in my opinion since they’re the only ones out of Vulkan’s six inch bubble of burnination.

In the fight phase Vulkan did no damage to Celestine, although I did put the trick I learned last game into practice. He charged Celestine before Piling In to the Immolator denying it Overwatch. To finish the Immolator I charged in the Vanguard vet sergeant with his three attack power fist. It saved both damage rolls with Celestine’s granted Invulnerable Save and was good to go next round.

My partner cleaned up the entire other side of the board, although it didn’t really matter. Celestine flew over to the objective while the Immolator and the models inside it killed the marines contesting it.

Another loss but I had fun and definitely got a better feel for the game. I’ve been having fun playing 40k with a few friends but I knew there was a lot more out there I was probably missing. Now the question is whether I’ll keep up with it or keep playing too many other games to be anything close to competitive. Well I’ll definitely be playing with Genestealer Cult for awhile, but after that I don’t have any new 40k projects planned for awhile. Maybe Cult will be so much fun I won’t be able to quit.

~Hope you enjoyed the article! Played any good games of 40k lately?

2 thoughts on “Warhammer 40k: Sunday Team Tournament Game Three

    1. Thanks!

      I think everything went pretty well. There are definitely some finer points of 40k I still need to work out if I really want to play competitively but I think friendly games and events are definitely more my speed.

      Still, tournaments have a certain allure so I hope to try a more serious one in the future to find out for sure if its something I’d be interested in doing more.


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