Arena Rex: Painting Dmitrios Part 2

Arena Rex: Painting Dmitrios Part 2

Let’s finish him off.

Dimitrios 008

Before I move on to the next step here are some pictures of the back armor I thought might also be helpful. For the colors see the previous article. Here’s the first phase of the back where I’m working out all the colors and shading.

Dimitrios 009

And here it is after everything has been smoothed and polished up a little more. Plus a little battle damage was added.

Dimitrios 010

Here’s a close look at the horn on his helmet. Because of the ocean theme I went with a pink color. The basecoat was Khardic Flesh. I added a narrow “triangle” of shading with Umbral Umber.

Dimitrios 011

Figuring out where to put all the highlights on the trident was a little tricky. Irregular shapes like this always present something of a challenge.

Dimitrios 012

I find trying to break the object down into multiple smaller shapes can help a lot.

Dimitrios 013

By this point I was ready to glue the arms on. The trident haft was basecoated with Umbral Umber. I added streaks of Bloodstone to get a wood grain effect. Thinner streaks were added above the previous ones with a mix of Ryn Flesh and Bloodstone. A few very thin streaks of pure  Ryn Flesh were added towards the top.

I regret not getting WiP shots of the octopus, but I did it fairly quickly and was done before I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures. Hopefully I’ll end up painting a larger broze object soon to get some good photos of the technique. In the meantime I did a little bronze on this Buzzblade last year so that article is worth checking out.

Dimitrios 014

The only other piece was the net. I didn’t realize how much of this element would be underneath Dimitrios or I might not have spent so much time on it. While the wash shown here helped give me an outline of the shapes, I ended up abandoning this color scheme since I thought the yellow was too close to Tellesto’s skin tone.

Dimitrios 015

I tried painting the areas between the netting black at first since they’re just negative space. But the net looked better with each section individually shaded and highlighted. I ended up using a basecoat of Trollblood Highlight on the net. This was shaded with a mix of black, Exile Blue, and Umbral Umber. The highlights are Hammerfall Khaki with a little bit of Menoth White Base used in a few spots.




Here are some pictures of the Greek on his loyal hippocampus. The color is a little off on two of them and I’m not sure why.

~Hope you enjoyed the article! I’m going to go back to painting Genestealer Cultists now.

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