Arena Rex: Painting Dimitrios Part 1

Arena Rex: Painting Dimitrios Part 1

Well past time for another Arena Rex painting article!

Dimitrios 001

Let’s just jump right in. You’ll notice this is mounted Cato rather than the one shown above. I finished that one first to get a sense for the color since I was trying a new scheme on the armor – one that would make the Athenian Helleniki stand out completely from the other Arena Rex gladiators.

The palette used for the skin is essentially the same as the one used on Cato. In the image above I’ve begun planning out the colors, shadows, and highlights.


Here are all those colors again. The Idrian Flesh is the midtone. Shading is primarily Exile Blue mixed with Idrian Flesh with a little purple and sometimes Magenta mixed in. A little bit of Rucksack Tan adds a tanned appearance to the Ryn Flesh used for the highlighting. I also blend a little magenta in around the joints such as the elbows and knuckles to add some variation to the skin and make him feel that much more alive.

Dimitrios 002

Here is the second pass on the skin as I go back and add more definition to the layer shown on the previous step.

Dimitrios 003

Dimitrios’ armor really stands out among the bronze and steel of the other Arena Rex gladiators.


Here is the palette for that armor. Obviously the Arcane Blue is the base coat. A mix of the black and bloodstone are used for shading. The Menoth White Highlight is the highlight. The Hammerfall Khaki is used for reflected light: a little strip of it is painted under the edge of every surface to represent the shiny surface reflecting things beneath it.

Dimitrios 004

Even though I’m using this bright blue color I can still get a nmm effect by keeping a high amount of contrast between the highlights and shading. The “reflection” of the Khaki along the bottom helps bring it home. As with any nmm careful observation of the object before you begin can help you figure out where to put the strongest highlights. You can even try taking a picture after priming and turning the contrast up with your phone.

Dimitrios 005

Here I’ve begun working on the rest of the armor including a base layer for the trim and details.

I also finished the yellow skirt. I skipped going over that part since I went over yellow cloth in-depth in my article on the Imperials.

Dimitrios 006

For the trim I started with a base layer of Trollblood Highlight which was highlighted with Menoth White Highlight. I think these small areas of trim are some of my least favorite parts of the model. I tried them initially as a bronze, but it felt like it contrasted too much and made the octopus look less special. Maybe I should have left more yellow in them to make them stand out a little more. Also they were very small and I still have a hard time getting a good metallic look on these super tiny areas.

The blue on the skirt is Exile Blue highlighted with Cygnar Blue Highlight. The white part of the skirt is Menoth White Base and Menoth White highlight. I didn’t think there was enough there to bother with a full step by step. This article I did on BoLS has a little more on painting blue cloth.

~That’s it for today! Hope you’re enjoying it so far. I’ll try to have part 2 up soon.

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