Retro Unboxing: Baak by Dark Sword Miniatures

Retro Unboxing: Baak by Dark Sword Miniatures

Haven’t been able to do any painting lately so here’s something a little different.

I saw this big guy for the first time a few months back and decided I needed one. Originally sculpted and released in the nineties as part of a line of miniatures based on the art of Larry Elmore, Baak was acquired by Darksword miniatures in 2005.


He’s a great sculpt, particularly from that era. He has a lot of style and character and his quirkiness reminds me of something Rackham would have produced.


In fact that’s how I justified buying him. When I finally get around to it he’ll be the giant that accompanies my Behemoth Orcs in games of Kings of War.


Rackham never made a suitable model for an orc giant, and the giant they did make is canonically incompatible with any faction but dwarves. Baak on the other hand looks like he could have been the result of a crude Alchemists experiment that escaped along with the orcs.


I love the peculiar tortoise-shell armor on his back.


Unsurprisingly he’s hollow on the inside.


As you can see from the space marine at his side he’s a big boy. Hopefully he’ll inspire me to finally start the Kings of War army. I’m hoping to get to it after I finish with my Genestealer Cult.

If you want a Baak you can still buy him from Dark Sword Miniatures.

~What do you think of Baak? Do you think he’ll fit in alongside an army of Rackham orcs?

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