Kings of War: Been Playing Some Vanguard Recently

Kings of War: Been Playing Some Vanguard Recently

With my favorite Confrontation Orcs.

I think it’s a really great system. I like all the ways you can spend the resources; for group activations, special abilities and other bonuses. I like the way combats work. Rolling lots of dice is fun. I also like the way nerve tests work and that knocked-down models don’t get to take them.

The only things I don’t really like are the exploding dice mechanic and the fact that the game resource is random and rolled for at the start of every turn. Exploding dice can be really frustrating, especially if you have to watch a powerful model get eviscerated by a weaker one from a lucky roll. Fortunately since everyone’s dice explode it tends to even out, but if a lot of attacks against your commander should explode it can get one sided pretty quick. It’s a similar story with the random resources. If your opponent gets a really high roll for Power one turn it can give their force such a huge advantage you might not be able to make it back.

All in all though I’d dismiss these as “quibbles.” It’s still too good a game not to recommend. Especially when Mantic, as usual, is giving the rules away for free. The only thing keeping you from trying it right now are the Power Dice. These, and a handful of d8s, are all you will need to buy. Unfortunately the game is still new and the Power Dice haven’t made it to the shops stateside yet. I did see them for sale at a couple of places on ebay though. Depending on which faction you pick you might end up needing a couple sets, which will come out to nearly $40. Not cheap for dice, but if you already have a good collection of fantasy minis it’s a low cost to get into a new game. If you have a Mantic community in your area it’s likely none of them will care what models you use. And if you end up liking the game you can always pick up one of Mantic’sVanguard sets. I really like the Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance models.Mantic’s really upped their game with some of their newer offerings.

If you want to learn a little more there are some good videos on youtube.


~ What do you think? Does it seem worth checking out?

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