Salamanders Triple Heavy Flamer Dread Conversion

Salamanders Triple Heavy Flamer Dread Conversion

Here’s a quick and easy one.


First you need three of these Heavy Flamers from the Chimera Sprue. It used to be no one wanted these since their Chimeras just hung back and shot. I ended up with six in total although I only remember painting 3 tanks based on Chimera chassis. I guess it doesn’t really matter where they all came from…


Slice two of them off as shown. Trim a little off the left and right sides so you can glue them together side by side. It looks better if they can fit snugly on the front of the dreadnought arm.


The fuel tank is from the Tempestus Scion Sprue. I cut the hose and connectors from an identical fuel tank bit and glued them beneath the flamers. The flamers looked a little naked just sticking out the front like that. Then I ran a bit of brass tube between the two connectors. It’s a detail no one will ever notice but the way it added a bit of function completed it for me. Never mind that the exposed hose is a huge hazard and nowhere near up to par with Salamanders high standards of craftmanship.


The third Heavy Flamer was glued to the front of the Storm Bolter (the arm is from a Black Reach Dreadnought) and a new tube was added running up to the arm. I can’t remember where that bit came from. Probably the same venerable dread sprue the right arm came from. Now that I think about it, the official Heavy Flamer armed Dreads have a similar tube connecting the weapon to it’s arm. I guess I can take back what I said about exposed tubes and craftsmanship standards.


If you want to try convertingĀ  similar Dreadnought the Baneblade sprue is another good source of weapons. Unfortunately none of them really match the look of newer Astartes themed Heavy Flamers. But maybe you built three Terminator squads and armed them all with Assault Cannons?

This build of Dreadnought can actually be kind of competitive against certain lists if you put it in a drop pod, but really I just made it because it fits the army. If you really want to play competitively you’ll be running soup and have better choices than dreadnoughts. I just hope the rules for this build stays official.

~Hope you enjoyed the article!

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