Bushido: The Minimoto Clan Arrives

Bushido: The Minimoto Clan Arrives

The warriors of the Bear Clan are finally taking their place on the battlefield.

GCT Studios has been previewing cards for their newest Bushido faction. Let’s take a
closer look.
Minimoto Samurai Yuji Art
The Bushido Rulebook established the Minimoto as a faction when it was released in 2013. Several factions had a little background written about them but had yet to see any accompanying miniatures or rules. There was only one piece of art for the Minimoto: an imposing Samurai wielding one of their signature Tetsubo.
Minimoto Samurai Yuji
So far this faction’s primary focus is resilience. The basic ashigaru for this faction come with an Armor stat of 3 – a value usually reserved for the most Elite Samurai. But the big talking point for the Minimoto are their Armor 4 Samurai. This establishes the elite warriors of the bear as the most well armored in the game. So how much more protection does that one point of armor offer? To really appreciate it, take a look at the damage chart.
Bushido Damage Chart
Remember – the way armor works is that its value is subtracted from an Attacker’s 2d6 damage roll. Look at column 0. A Minimoto Samurai will disregard any damage roll to that line. In fact you’ll need your attacks to have a success level of at least 3 for an average damage roll of 7 to have a chance of doing even 1 damage.
The warriors of the bear will shrug of all but the most well placed attacks from normal weapons. If you plan to fight this clan, try to bring along something with Armor Piercing. Poison and other damage methods that ignore armor will also be helpful. Most importantly remember to play to scenario. You don’t have to kill all their models to win. Which is good because most of them also have an extra wound box.
The Minimoto are also a particularly self reliant bunch. Their Samurai and Ashigaru all gain Indomitable when there are no friendly models within 3.” This will make their Elite models that much harder to gang up on and bring down. It also means even a lone Minimoto Ashigaru can hold up multiple opponents for a long time if they don’t have some way to pierce that armor. Additionally almost all of the members of the clan have Steadfast meaning failed Fear tests are much less of a concern for them.
Minimoto Hauru Blacksmith
The other interesting concept new and unique to this faction are the blacksmiths. I guess that’s what happens when your clan is just too honorable. The blacksmiths feel guilty if they stay at home and end up putting themselves in harm’s way.
Hauru, the only Blacksmith previewed as of this writing, can enhance a friendly model’s Tetsubo once per game making it Armor Piercing. This particular enhancement is a little situational, but his other abilities still make him look like a worthy addition to any force. I’m interested to see what kind of other enhancements different Blacksmiths may bring.
Minimoto Aya Masaema Ashigaru
The Minimoto look very strong. What weaknesses will they have to make up for all that armor? So far there are no ranged attackers for the Minimoto. I’m sure they’ll get some eventually but will they be as effective as the Arquebusiers the Prefecture of Ryu can call to battle? Additionally they’re a very elite force. Their cheapest models are 5 points, and both of them are characters. Having lots of models is important in Bushido. You need to be able to tie up your opponent’s pieces while running objectives. If the Minimoto don’t acquire any lower cost models scenarios will be a little harder for them. Last of all we know from one of their design journals that the faction will be a little slower than others with no ways to move a model outside of its activation. I guess we’ll have to wait for more releases for the big picture to start to emerge.
You can pre-order the first wave of Minimoto releases at the GCT store right now!
~Hope you enjoyed the article. Who else is looking forward to the release of the Bear?

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