Salmanders Reinforcements: Troops

Salmanders Reinforcements: Troops

…and their transports.

As I grow this huge collection I’m trying to make sure to keep adding tactical marines as I go so that the army as a whole feels cohesive.


Here’s one small squad. I bought an extra Tactical Squad to have extra bodies for all the Heavy Weapons. I used some other bodies I had for the additional bits – combis, special weapons, etc, to make these squads a little more useful.


The bolter armed marines are from the Battle for Vedros sets I got for the Dreadnought bodies. I even put the Heavy Bolter I got from a Blood Angels Tactical Squad to work. I guess this means the squad isn’t legal but I have plenty of tactical marines.


Here’s another squad. I can never have too much of that sweet sweet plasma. And a Plasma gun can be as good or better than a Plasma Cannon if you’re bad at those Heavy D3 rolls.


The Heavy Bolter is from the Sternguard Sprue.


And here’s one of those Assault Cannon Razorbacks finally finished. If you’ll recall, the sprue for the on this model ended up yielding some very important pieces for those Dreadnought conversions I did. I got so excited about those conversions I actually finished them way before the tanks I started with.


The reverse,


And another almost-but-not-quite-identical Razorback.


And… the reverse.

~Hope you enjoyed the article. Tomorrow I’ll do the last of the new Salamanders – the HQ.


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