Knight Models: Painting Emma Frost Part 1

Knight Models: Painting Emma Frost Part 1

Today I’ll mostly be covering Emma’s Skin.


I wanted to try something a little different with her skin: a nice healthy almost tanned glow. Emma’s a vain one after all. Of course she’s also kind of pale so it can’t be too bronze. For this base color I went with a mix of Ryn Flesh and Rucksack Tan.


Here are all the colors used in her skin.


I started shading the skin by adding a mix of Bloodstone and Murderous Magenta into the basecoat color.


I darkened up the shading by adding in some Umbral Umber to the color from the previous step.


Then I went back in with more of the base color to even it all out a little more.


Next I started working on the face. I added a little murderous Magenta to her cheeks and began working on her eyes and lips with a thin glaze of Exile Blue.


I went for a white lipstick. I left a thin line of Exile Blue around the edges to define the lip. I also added the eyes.


I cleaned up the eyes by adding more highlight beneath them. I also used some of the Bloodstone/Magenta mix to define the nose better. Then I cleaned up the cheeks, smoothing the out with a thin glaze of Murderous Magenta blended into the lighter skin.


Lastly I did the hair. I didn’t really bother with pictures of that since it’s basically identical to what I did with Leika.

~Hope you enjoyed part 1. I’ll try to finish it up tomorrow.

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