Converted Rogue Trader and Crew

Converted Rogue Trader and Crew

When I converted these guys for Shadow War Armageddon over a year ago, I had no idea there would be a whole game to go along with them.

They were going to use simple Cadian rules, but I wanted to convert up something special for my return to “Necromunda.” Like so many gamers my age, Necromunda was a staple of my teenage years. Shadow War was close enough to it that I wanted to convert a really special crew for the game. My first impulse was to go Inquisimunda style, but there are already so many great Inquisimunda conversions out there… I decided to go with something a little cleaner. Unfortunately I spent so long working on it that by the time I was through everyone had moved on to regular 40k. At least among my circle of gamer buddies, Shadow War did exactly what GW wanted it to: it got a ton of us playing 40k again.


This is the Rogue trader. He’s the boss. Note he doesn’t even have a gun because he had to forfeit his shooting phase to use his cool ability. Why spend the promethium? He’s based on a Tempestus Scion Commander with legs from a Baneblade Commander, a Red Scorpions chest plate, some Empire bits, and a Space Wolf Head. An older one that had the perfect condescending sneer. I really broke out the bits box in these guys.


This is Grandpa. He’s ancient but he accrued enough wealth to pay for this hover life support cage. There are so many bits here I can’t even. The head is also from a Baneblade.


This is the daughter of our fearless leader. It was really hard to find female bits for her. Her torso was from a banshee and her head from a demonette. I ended up filing her legs down from a Comissar along with the feet since she just didn’t look right with the combat boots. I looked at a lot of dark eldar and sisters of silence bits but the legs just didn’t feel right. The Plasma Gun is left over from some Forge World Commission I did years ago. Elysian Drop Troops maybe?


This guy is not related to the main family but has aspirations to be the suitor of the daughter. (I had names for all these characters but I lost the sheet). The Rogue Trader actually thinks this guy is alright and would be fine if his daughter would settle down and marry, but she’s not done adventuring yet. Might never be. His body comes from that Comissar I mentioned, with lots of Empire bits.


These are the first of the goons/hired help. They would have been regular Guardsmen. There are more bits from the Scions sprues with additional Empire Bits as well. They have Chaos Warrior boots which, I actually have a lot of leftover from another modelling project.


Last we have the “Juves.” These are hired muscle primarily used to keeping human rabble at bay when the Rogue Trader visits a crowded Hive World and wants to be left alone. They are not prepared for what awaits them on Armageddon.

I thought I might never play with these models, but now it looks like there might be a chance! I always meant to post them here, but I wanted to paint them first.

~What do you think of the group?

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