OGRE Musician Makes Great Companion Music for OGRE Game

OGRE Musician Makes Great Companion Music for OGRE Game

This ones for all you Ogre fans I’ve seen visiting my blog from the Kickstarter and Ogre page.

While we all know there’s already a Soundtrack for Ogre, why not have more?


The Musician at hand is not an actual ogre (cybernetic or otherwise) but produces his work under the same appellation as the game we all know so well. He’s one of many musicians contributing to the rennaissance of 70s and 80s inspired retro sound that was catapulted into prominence with the Stranger Things Soundtrack and movies like Turbo Kid. Of course I do have to point out that, as he’s been dabbling in these kinds of sounds since at least 2012, he does fall into the “before it was mainstream” curve.

OGRE (the game) was born in the same generation as the movies whose soundtracks inspired just this kind of work. For me that makes this kind of sound feel perfect for it.


OGRE’s most recent album, BALLARD (DATA068), is great for generating the atmosphere of a sinister melancholic future stricken by war. If you want music to go with the actual cybertank on GEV violence, 195 is a lot more lively and action-packed. Give it a listen and tell me it doesn’t feel perfect for a game of OGRE. If there had been an OGRE movie made in the 80s, this would have been the perfect soundtrack. I’m going to argue that if there were an OGRE movie made right now this would be the perfect soundtrack.

Of course the thing with music is tastes are subjective. Doubtless some of you may find this too cheesy for the game.

If you like the music you can always buy an album or two. Bandcamp gives most of the money from album sales to the artists. Here’s a link to OGRE’s full catalog.



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