Salamanders: Finished Converted Dread Pics

Salamanders: Finished Converted Dread Pics

Here are painted pics of the dread and his pals post paint.


Here’s our main guy, with all the dakka.


I need to figure out his name. Which Arena Rex character should I name him after? Roman names only please – I can save Vargr and Sven for if I ever start a Space Wolf Army. Don’t really see that happening though.


Here’s another dreadnought that needs a name. This one has Twin Lascannons for when I need that extra punch – which is often.


As cool as they are, there’s still nothing Salamanders can do to help when their Lascannons roll 1s for wounds.


This last guy is for when you need even more shots. It’s hard to go wrong with an Assault Cannon. Note for these last two I scraped off the skull and added a sensor. Since one of them uses a right-side sponson for its left arm, the skull would have been upside down. The area seemed naked without something so why not another sensor?

~Hope you enjoyed the article! Do these conversions look like something you’d try?


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