Dreadnought “Rifleman” Conversion Part 2

Dreadnought “Rifleman” Conversion Part 2

Let’s finish off this arm.


Yesterday I left off with these two mirrored Autocannons.


To make them look a little more space marine friendly I wanted to add a sensor. This one came from the Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer Sprue. I know these bits aren’t cheap, but a lot of people buy the sprues to make another popular Index Imperium 1 choice: Assault Cannon Razorbacks. I added a couple of these to my army recently, and I’m happy to have found a use for a lot of the additional parts. If you’re a marine player you may have some lying around for the same reason.


I trimmed off all the excess parts.


It fits nicely between the two guns. But there’s still an awkward gap. Is there maybe another piece from the Crusader Sprue that will fit in there…


This one has promise.


Trim it down…


And it fits! I also added a bit of polystyrene tube to give the knob on the Dread’s arm somewhere to fit into. I tried a bunch of widths until I got a good one.


The last piece was the armored casing for the side sponsons from the same sprue.


I just had to slice out right angles to make room so the autocannon ammo canisters were exposed.


I have to admit I was blown away by how good the fit was. The width of the sensor with autocannons on either side was just right to fit perfectly into the sponson armor. OK… I did have to slice off juuuust a little bit of autocannon but seriously… how often do conversion projects go together this well?


Then repeat for the other side.

~Tomorrow I should have some pics of the painted dreadnought, plus a couple more.


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