Knight Models: Painting Gambit Part 2

Knight Models: Painting Gambit Part 2

Time to finish up Gambit.


Yesterday I started on the coat.


It has a basecoat of Bloodstone and is shaded with a mix of Thamar Black and Biel Tan Green.


Highlights are added with Ryn Flesh and the ever reliable Menoth White Highlight.


Not much different here but I’m smoothing out the coat with more layers and blending.


And here’s the coat finished. Not quite as smooth as I could have gotten it but Gambit is only intended for the table.


The next step was to move onto his greaves and staff.


I used one of my standard NMM palettes for these areas. A basecoat of Underbelly Blue is shaded with a navy blue colored mix of Exile Blue and Umbral Umber, and highlighted with Menoth White Highlight. As always, trying to pin down the highlight/shading zones for unusual metal shapes like Gambit’s lower legs is the tricky part.


Here I’m trying to get the original basecoat blended a bit better.


Then I add a thin line of highlight above each of the grooves.


Then I line the grooves with the navy mix of Exile Blue and Umber.


Then I start working on the glowing cards/hand with the same colors from the last article. I also realized I forgot the feet. Gambit needs feet.


The last step is to define a little more detail on the hands and fingers, shading some of the creases with a mix of Beaten Purple and Murderous Magenta.


I based him with one of CMoNs old factory bases.

~And there’s Gambit for you. Maybe next week I will have finished the Trak/Thousand Eyes painting article I mentioned last week.


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