Knight Models: Painting Gambit Part 1

Knight Models: Painting Gambit Part 1

Another X-Man for the collection!

I started with the face, specifically the eye glow. I decided to just treat the area as if it was pink skin, and that seemed to get the idea across.


Here are the colors used for this step. Mostly it’s a mix of the Magenta and Ryn Flesh. The Beaten Purple is used extremely sparingly with the Magenta to line the eyes defining their shape. The Menoth White was mixed with the Ryn Flesh and only used in the eyes themselves to emphasize the glow.

I began on the rest of the face with more standard flesh tones: pure Ryn shaded with Idrian Flesh. A little Umbral Umber is used around the mouth. I also start on his hood with Coal Black.

Here I’m continuing with the Coal Black using it on the pants now.


Here are all of the colors used on his dark blue pants and hood. The Black used for the shading has a little added Red ink to create a warm contrast with the blue.


Here I’ve begun better defining the highlights blending up the Coal Black into a strong Frostbite highlight. I also started on Gambit’s hair with a basecoat of Bloodstone.


Once I’m satisfied with the pants and cowl I start on Gambit’s legendary shiny purple abs. I’ve blocked out the early highlights and shading with theĀ  same colors used in step 1.

I also start shading the hair with Coal Black and highlighting it with Ryn Flesh.


Now I start going back over the base colors, adding more layers and blending everything together.


I’m going to use the metallic orb graphic again to show the thought process on the shiny abs. I’m basically visualizing each ab as an elongated orb like this one. That means a strong point of central highlight blended into a darker band of shading into a strip of reflected light beneath. Of course I’m sing purple instead of this more bluish/brownish palette.


After a lot more work everything is looking a lot more blended together.


And with that I move on to the coat.

~Hope you’re enjoying everything so far! More Gambit tomorrow!

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