Arena Rex: Painting Atrox

Arena Rex: Painting Atrox

Here are some WiPs I took of the tiger while I was getting him ready for Adepticon.

Step 1 was figuring out where I wanted the midtones. Troll Slayer Orange was used here. It’s the first time I’ve used it a GW color for an Arena Rex model. It was one of only two I used.

Then I began adding shading with P3 Umbral Umber and Sanguine Highlight.

Then it was time to start blocking in highlights with Sulfuric Yellow. I’ve also begun the first work on his white belly with, appropriately, Underbelly Blue. This cool pale blue will contrast nicely with the warm oranges.

Next I started beginning to even everything out getting it all blended together better. This is all done with very thin layers, stippled on to try to give a fur appearance. Right now I’m mostly focusing on the shading so it’s lots of umber and Sanguine. The deep red Sanguine Highlight really helps make the model pop, even if red isn’t a color you expect to see on a tiger.

I also add a bit of shading to the Underbelly Blue with a mix of Exile Blue and Umbral Umber.


I keep adding more of those thinned down layers of the previous colors continuing to smooth and even everything out. I’ve begun to slowly add increasing amounts of Menoth White Highlight to the highlights as well.


I finally feel like I have everything smooth enough to really add the stripes. I’ve also mostly finished defining the toes, although the face still needs a little work.


I’ve been painting the face along the way with everything else. There are plenty of pictures of tigers on Pinterest to use as a reference.


The eyes were basecoated with Averland Sunset (GW color #2) before being given half circles of P3 Sulfuric Yellow mixed with a little Menoth White Highlight. I’ve also added some whiskers using a thin mix of black and Bloodtracker Brown. Apply the whiskers in a couple of thin layers to help create a fur appearance.


A black dot in the middle of the prior pale yellow half circle nearly completes the eye. The final touch is the off-set dot of Menoth White Highlight. I also added a little shading in the eyebrows with a bit of the Exile Blue/Umbral Umber mixed in to the Underbelly Blue base.


Don’t use pure black for the stripes.  I mixed a decent amount of Bloodtracker Brown into mine. As with the whiskers, try to put them on a couple of layers at a time.


To finish it off, I stippled a little bit of Bloodtracker Brown around the edge of each stripe to make them appear more natural.


For the body stripes I started with pure Bloodtracker Brown.


I only used black for the parts of the stripes in the shaded areas.


From there it was a lot more work defining each brown stripe with more and more black until each felt correct. I actually worked in a little Frostbite into the areas where the stripes fell across strong highlights. I wish I’d gotten at least one more picture of the stages in between these two pictures, but it just wasn’t clear to me in the moment just how much I had changed the stripes in between the two steps.

Atrox will be available soon from the Arena Rex store! I think he’s sold out right now…

~Hope you enjoyed the article!



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