Confrontation: Dwarves of Mid-Nor

Confrontation: Dwarves of Mid-Nor

Here’s the last of my old Confrontation stuff. Click for more pics!

I really think I made a lot of creative breakthroughs with these models. I tried a lot of things with color I hadn’t before.


While these guys look kinda gray there’s actually a lot of color in their skin. There are lots of blues and purples in the shadows and yellows and greens in the highlights. It’s subtle but I think it makes them look a lot more distinct than gray alone. I also tried to include extremely saturated colors in a few places an I think it worked out pretty well. I actually won third place unit with this War Staff at Gencon… 2011 I think? I’ve won first in that category twice but I was still surprised to get anything with something I had painted so long ago: five years prior to when I entered it.


The Incubuses are a bit older – 2004, prior to when I began experimenting with NMM. Still they look pretty good and have held up well. The larva in thr background are newer. I should have gotten better pics of them.


The cyclops is the oldest of all, but again I think he still looks alright.

Going through all these has me seriously thinking about creating some Kings of War forces with Confrontation models. As you saw I already have enough old orcs to start an army with them. But that’s really just the beginning. I could probably do 2k with multiple factions since I bought A LOT of Confrontation when the game switched to plastic.

I wanted nothing to do with the new models, but I thought I could get some of the AT-43 players to give plastic Confrontation a shot. I bought enough metals to play Age of Ragnarok with them. And why not? Most online stores had them in clearance for as much as 75% off. That combined with the knowledge that they would never be available again created a pretty serious episode of compulsive spending.

The problem with such a project is the same I encounter with all my projects: I have so many! Will a Kings of Confrontation army be able to compete with everything else in my schedule? Time will tell… And of course if the new Confrontation Kickstarter is successful I have plenty of models to use.

~Hope you enjoyed the pics! Which set was your favorite?



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