Confrontation: Orcs of Behemoth

Confrontation: Orcs of Behemoth

Here are a few pics of my small Orcs of Behemoth force.

The entire painted army consists of the models Dragon’s Lair Austin had placed in the clearance bin. I resisted the temptation to grab them for awhile but eventually I grew weak. I think they were half price when I finally sprung for them. They’re some of my favorites in the range, but I think their cartoon-y style put some people off.

Don’t look too hard at their bases. I never finished them. By the time I was done painting them Confrontation had died and no one wanted to play. These poor Orcs never saw the battlefield.

~And that’s all of them. I have some Mountaineers I got when all the online retailers were clearancing their metals, but I never painted them. I would like too some day if I can ever fit it in with all the other projects.

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