Confrontation: Griffons of Akkylannia

Confrontation: Griffons of Akkylannia

Here are some pics of my old Griffon army fighting some of my other old armies.

You’ll notice some of them are on round bases. I really tried to get CAoR going in my area but no one was interested. One nice person actually drove 45 minutes to Austin to play a few games with me but we weren’t really fans of the system.

Since the original Confrontation was killed, these Templars stayed on their round bases and got to see very little play in either system.

These Griffons were some of my earliest experiments with nmm.

The fusiliers were incredibly overpowered in CAoR, with one unit nearly able to annihilate an entire army single-handedly.

Griffons and Mid-Nor were my two largest forces.

~I’ll try to get more pictures with another faction in tomorrow. No promises. I have a lot on my plate right now.

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