Age of Sigmar: Completed Stinkmullet

Age of Sigmar: Completed Stinkmullet

I took a better picture and got some more angles.

It was not easy to photograph this guy. I had to focus a light on a large bent sheet of cardstock to try to do away with the shadow cast by his large mushroom cap. He’s a little under-lit here and it looks a bit off.


You can see most of his scorpipede friend is concealed by his cloak. A lot of the mushrooms are also hidden by his hat.

And look at these old Night Goblins Moonclan Grots I still had around. I tried pretty hard to sell that army and now I’m a little glad I still have it. Now I’m trying to figure out how difficult it would be to turn this into a full-blown Moonclan army. As if I didn’t have enough projects already…

~Hope you enjoyed this very long series!

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