Age of Sigmar: Painting Stinkmullet Part 5

Age of Sigmar: Painting Stinkmullet Part 5

It’s time for Spore Squig!


I start off with the big pod/head/scalp thing.


I started with a basecoat of Cadian Fleshtone and shaded it with the Xereus Purple. These are the same colors from Stinkmullet’s mushroom cap.


Here I’ve added some Screaming Skull lightening everything up a bit more.


Then I use a thin wash of Xereus Purple to define all the holes and surrounding ridges.


These are then highlighted with the Cadian Fleshtone, or Screaming Skull for those in lighter areas.


Then the rest of the squig’s skin get’s a basecoat of Evil Sunz mixed with a little Dryad Bark.


Then I add some highlights with Cadian Fleshtone blending it into the surrounding red. I painted his teeth black and I’ve highlighted them with just a little blue.


I added some more definition to his teeth and claws, then put a little red spot on his eye before I glued him to the base.

I want to get some better pictures of this guy – maybe even pose him with some of my old WHFB Night Goblins. I knew that big cap would create a lot of problems for photos since it casts a shadow on so much of him. you can see how dark his face is compared to the picture of it before it was attached.

~More pics tomorrow hopefully!

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