Age of Sigmar: Painting Stinkmullet Part 4

Age of Sigmar: Painting Stinkmullet Part 4

The Stinkmulleting continues…


It’s finally time to get to Stinkmullet’s face. Unfortunately I didn’t realize these face pics I was taking were a little out of focus until I’d snapped a couple, but you can still see what’s going on well enough.


Here are all the colors going into the face. As with the staff worm, I used a mix of red and brown in the shadows to really make the green pop.


Here I’m adding some highlights with the Screaming Skull and Moot. I also began the teeth with a basecoat of the Averland Sunset I’ve been using so much.


I washed the teeth with Agrax Earth before highlighting them with Screaming Skull. Then I began to use the Red and Cadian Fleshtone to highlight the lips and eyes.


More Highlights and then it’s on to the steel nose and chin.


Rusty NMM can be tricky. The Dryad Bark is the base, mixed with Skrag Brown in some places. the Fenrisian Gray and White Scar are used to highlight.


Watered down orange is stippled sparingly on the shadowed area, and near any bolts or studs.


Not much difference here between the last pic. Just finalized some of the highlights. I got this one to focus a little better propping it up on my clippers.


After gluing the face and shawl on, I had to try to fill the gaps with super glue. It was hard to reach in there and get it in the right spot. I decided to emphasize the gap in the shawl, rather than fill it, since it just looks like a tear.

Then I began on the sickle with the same NMM palette used on the nose. Here I’ve just begun with a simple gradient. A central stroke of Fenrisian Grey is blended outward into Dryad Bark.


Now I’ve stippled some Skrag Brown and Trollslayer into the Dryad Bark.


Here I’ve finished off the last of the highlights.


Then I go ahead and paint the arm with the same colors as the face. I try to keep the palms and knuckles a bit pink since I think it really livens up the green and keeps it from looking too much like plastic.

~Stinkmullet may be finished, but this project isn’t. I’ll be finishing up tomorrow.

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