Age of Sigmar: Painting Stinkmullet Part 3

Age of Sigmar: Painting Stinkmullet Part 3

More Stinkmullet!


I’m starting off with the same yellow palette from the last article for his belt buckle and moon trinket.


Here they are again.


Yellow always needs to be built up in layers or it doesn’t look right.


As I’m proceeding I also begin on the satchell of mushrooms at his belt. These are done simply with the Screaming Skull and Skrag Brown I already had out for the mushrooms. I also started on the leather bits on his pouch, canteen, and  belt.


I used a lot of colors on the brown leather, adding this red and yellow to the highlights and some blue to the shading. It may seem like overkill but I really think all the extra color you can add helps. This is a a fungus infested goblin after all so there’s no reason to feel like anything has to look natural or realistic.


Here I’m just continuing to build up all those highlights on everything.


Next it’s on to the staff and potion.


For the flask a mix of the purple and brown are blended up into the red. This is then highlighted with a thin narrow band of fleshtone with a little screaming skull  blended in down the middle.


For the staff a mix of the green and bark are used as a basecoat, and highlighted up with a mix of the Skrag Brown and White.


Here’s everything a little further along.


Next I moved on to the wormipede on the staff.

The base is Caliban Green. I used a mix of the Dryad Bark and Scarlet in the shadows to try to create a nice color harmony with the green. Unfortunately I just couldn’t really get this guy to pop like I would have liked. It’s too bad since he’s one of my favorite parts of the model. I think part of the problem is I broke one of my own rules and highlighted him with just pure white. Maybe if ‘d mixed in some yellow…


Anyway here he is further along. I tried to concentrate the highlights in certain areas to create the appearance of a reflection on an iridescent bug.


Here I’m continuing to smooth everything out. I I’d left him a bit  more like this, where there’s a good amount of contrast. It’s closer to having that iridescent look in this image than it ended up.


Here I’ve brought up the highlights more and I don’t think it’s as effective.

Here’s one final close-up. I think I also could have spent some more time on it. It can take quite a few passes to really get the highlights working right for an irridescent appearance. But this was just supposed to be a fun weekend project so I’m satisfied to keep it like this.

~Hope you enjoyed this latest round of pics. There should be more Srinkmullet tomorrow.

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