Salamanders Reinforcements: Characters

Salamanders Reinforcements: Characters

Because eventually I’m going to need more than Vulkan and the Dark Imperium characters.


Urbicus is based off of one of the old Masters of the Chapter models. I was supposed to do them for a commission some ten years back, but the owner disappeared before telling me what he wanted done with them. If I could find the other three I would love to paint them up for this army but they have clearly gone off in search of Vulkan.

His head and Combi-Grav are from the Blood Angels Tactical Squad Sprue. The cool Aquila Shoulderpad is from the Sternguard.


Because all my Salamanders have drake-scale capes, I had to sculpt the scales on this model’s normal cloth cape to match the theme. Sculpting scales is not fun. After spending around an hour on these few crude scales, I have a tremendous newfound respect for anyone who sculpts these things over entire models. Oh and whoops, looks like I forgot to finish the backpack laurel. I guess as Bob Ross said: “that will just be our little secret.”


Marcus is the first of several Kill Team Cassius models I converted into Salamanders. I can’t recall the character’s name but he’s the Ultramarine with a bolter. The Standard is from the Dark Imperium Ancient. I spent $4 on that whole model. The box gets parted out a lot and the Ancient is one of the less popular bits I guess. The other bits are from the Sternguard Sprue.

I actually took the time to do NMM gold on the banner portion of the model, since it’s not supposed to be actual gold like the other metal parts.


Like so many marine players I have this need to own both an all regular and all Primaris marine army. This guy is for the vanilla Salamanders half obviously.


Valen is another fellow from Kill Team Cassius. I have purchased two Deathwatch Overkill boxes mostly for the Genesetealer Cultists, but I thought the extra models could make great conversions. If you even have a passing interest in conversions and are starting a Space Marine army, the Kill Team Cassius box is a great buy. It has the basis for a librarian and a chaplain, plus other great models for lieutenants and veteran sergeants. If there are any Deathwatch player’s in your community they will likely be happy to buy the Frag Cannon off you as well.

You just need a few extra arms and shoulderpads, and the inclination to shave off/conceal “I’s” and other chapter markings. The purity seal on Valen’s book is there to cover up an Inquisitorial “I.” The weird “tear” on his leg I guess is there as a blood drop because he was a Blood Raven. I left it because I don’t think it looks too out of place. The hilt of his sword is a Raven head I think. I thought it looked more like some weird shore bird though so I left it because it amused me. It wouldn’t be too difficult to replace with some other small bit.


I guess I got a little lazy on the back of the book. It is a Ravenwing bit and unfortunately you can still just see the outline of the Dark Angels symbol.


Septimus is a more interesting conversion based off the same LIbrarian. I gave him a Force Staff converted from a Deathwatch Heavy Thunder Hammer and a piece from the Chaos Marauder Sprue. His incense burner and the cable attached to the skull are from the Tempestus Scions sprue. I also jammed a purity seal under the skull since it seemed bare without it somehow.


This book turned out a little better.

~They were a fun lot to paint and convert. I’m not sure what I’ll have next week but I’ll make sure there’s something.

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