Salamanders Reinforcements: Dreadnoughts

Salamanders Reinforcements: Dreadnoughts

These three Salamanders won’t let a silly little thing like crippling injuries keep them off the battlefield.

I’ve always loved the boxy clanky look of classic Space Marine Dreadnoughts. There’s something kinda 80’s about them, particularly the feet which have always reminde me of ED-209.

The newer Venerable variety are also pretty cool with all that bling, but don’t quite do it for me like the originals. My feelings are pretty much the same about the Contemptors. I’ll probably add one or two of both to my forces eventually, but for now I’m sticking with the originals. Oh and an Ironclad too I guess.


Gaius (all my Salamanders are named after Arena Rex characters) is just your standard Assault Cannon model. With a Heavy Flamer of course.


I think I might go back and glue a couple of purity seals to that blank area on his right shoulder.


I had to go ahead and give the Mechanicus symbol the full black and white treatment.


Hermes is an Assault on Black Reach Dread. I replaced his entire left arm with an old metal Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought Arm. It seemed easier than cutting off and attaching just the Heavy Flamer.


Maybe I should add more heat distressing to these guys. It is a cool look and not too difficult to do.


For some reason Black Reach Dreads only get skulls on their power plants.


I bought Micon and Hermes used and had to strip off a lot of thick paint. They were about half price, but given the time it took to strip them, and the fact that they came with no weapon options, I might have been better off spending full price.

I do really like this load-out for Micon though. Taking an Ironclad seems more like a fun choice than a tactical one, so I shouldn’t really care how he’s armed. Ironclads look good on paper but are pretty slow. Maybe he’ll end up riding in the back of a Stormhawk someday. Definitely.

I think I might like the look of Ironclad Dreadnoughts more than the basic ones. Their even more clanky and ungainly looking.


Micon got extra flames since he’s such a cool guy.


~Hope you enjoyed the dreads! I’ve already assembled a couple more for what will probably be the last batch of Salamanders for awhile. Tomorrow I’ll have four new characters join the ranks.


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