Salamanders Reinforcements: Scouts

Salamanders Reinforcements: Scouts

Scouts seem pretty great. So I painted a lot of them.


I wanted to make at least one reference to the original weird Salamanders color scheme of ages past. Apparently it’s canon that this scheme is not in fact defunct. In fact it is still used by the Salamanders for certain missions needing apparently pretty freaky camo schemes – magma worlds and the like I suppose. I know a Space Marine unit that likes camo…


Despite the novelty of it, I still felt the scheme was too vivid to coat the entire scouts with. I used a bluish black for all the armored portions using the camo only on the clothing. You have to be really careful with camo on minis or you can lose the shape of the models themselves.


I ended up with three units. I want these guys to get aggressive early so I gave them shotguns and opted out of the Heavy Bolter.


The Sergeants all have Combi-Flamers though, because Salamanders. Seriously though when a unit’s purpose is basically to be a speed bump, giving them a weapon that hits automatically in overwatch doesn’t seem like a bad idea.


Here’s a close-up of the sergeant.


And the other side.


And here’s a regular shotgun guy.


And the reverse.

~Come back tomorrow for Dreadnoughts!


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