Knight Models: Painting Colossus Part 3

Knight Models: Painting Colossus Part 3

Time To paint some spandex and finish up Colossus.


Here I’ve begun to shade a basecoat of Cygnus Yellow with some Bloodstone.


Now I’ve added some more shading with more Bloodstone and a little bit of Umbral Umber in some of the deepest recesses.


Then I added some highlights to the yellow with Menoth White Highlight. It’s difficult to make out though since the rest of Colossus is throwing the contrast off.


For the Red Basecoat I used a mix of Khador Red Highlight and Sanguine Highlight. I’ve begun to add some shading to the boots with Thamar Black mixed with GW Green Ink.


Here I’ve brought that shading up into to Colossus’ torso and added some highlights with Ryn Flesh.


As I began painting the belt buckle with a red-toned black I realized I hadn’t started on the hair yet either. I applied the same black as a thinned down glaze to his hair.


I finished off the hair with a strong central highlight and thin edge-highlight. A true chrome dome. I also edge highlighted the buckle and added a slight gradient starting with the black at the top blending down into the navy colored Umbral/Exile mix finally blending in a little frostbite at the bottom.


I based him with one of CMON’s brick factory bases, as I’ve been doing with all of my X-Men. I wish I’d done a little more work on the red areas since they just don’t seem as developed as everything else. Of course eventually you just have to call it done, and since I never intended for Colossus to really be a show-piece I think overall he’s just fine.

~Hope you enjoyed the article. Next week I should have some more completed Salamanders to show off.

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