Arena Rex: Painting Iocasta Part 3

Arena Rex: Painting Iocasta Part 3

Just a few more WiP shots, then final shots.


I wanted to do something special with her eyes. Since she definitely has sort of a bug vibe going on I decided to really make them stand out.


Here’s a big image of a metallic sphere to show the general shape to follow when painting round objects like these eyes. Of course the colors are completely different. I started with Wurm Green, highlighted with Menoth White Highlight, and shaded with Thamar Black with some Murderous Magenta mixed in. Each little round hole needed a tiny defining line of Menoth White Highlight.


Of course I also needed to do the hair. Technically it’s not hair since Iocasta is supplied with an alternate helmetless head, and she keeps that hair cut pretty short. In her art it’s kind of a sandy brown, but I decided to go with a dark bluish-black. I hadn’t used a color like this yet, and it provides some good contrast with the other areas of the model.


The “bronze” sword is a series of gradients arranged to create that shiny illusion. I used the same colors for this sword as I did for the armor of the first Arena Rex model I painted. The sword would also need some thin lines of highlight along the edges before it was complete, but unfortunately I forgot to grab a picture of it.


Now it’s time for those finished shots. You’ve already seen this one at the top of all these articles so here are some more.




~Hope you enjoyed Iocasta! Not sure what my next article will be but I hope to have something interesting up Monday.

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