Arena Rex: Painting Iocasta Part 2

Arena Rex: Painting Iocasta Part 2


Time for Part 2 of Iocasta.



Last time I went over Iocasta’s insect sash. Today I’m going over the golden shield and armor. There are several colors blended together to get this gradient here. My favorite Menoth White Highlight is the lightest, used towards the top of the shield. This is blended down into Sulfuric Yellow, which is blended into a mix of Thamar Black and Green Ink which is finally blended into Bloodstone. The lighter color along the bottom represents the light reflected off the ground, and helps push the metal feel.




I go over the basecoat a few more times with the same colors until I get them looking closer to how I want them.


The final steps, in this extreme close-up are to add thin lines of highlight down all the ridges on the shield. I also added some streaks of lighter color down each plate of the shield to give it some texture. It’s important to blend a little bit of the color beneath into the highlights.


Here I’ve begun working on the helmet with the same palette.


Whenever you attempt non-metallic metals the trickiest part is to interpret the shape and figure out where to concentrate the highlights and shadows. Every shape is different and there are consistent rules for making spheres or cylinders appear metallic, but more complicated shapes like this helmet can be tricky. I usually try to get a good look at the bare resin with something like this before I prime it. Sometimes you can even take some pictures with your phone and mess with the contrast to help get a feel for how it should look.


The final step was to make sure all the little ridges and other details were nice and clean.

~I’ll be finishing up Iocasta tomorrow! 

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