Ogre: Painting a Camo Missile Tank

Ogre: Painting a Camo Missile Tank

It’s the final day of the Ogre Miniatures Set 2 Kickstarter so here is the final camo  tank painting article.


After being primed, the tank receives a basecoat of Formula P3 Traitor Green. This is given a wash with GW’s Agrax Earth. Then it is drybrushed with P3 Thrall Flesh.


The first layer of Camo Stripes are P3 Gnarls Green with some Agrax Earth added to thin the paint and make it a bit translucent.


The next set of lines are P3 Umbral Umber also mixed with Agrax Earth.

Then a thin line of Thrall Flesh is used to pick out and define all the edges.


Then some details are added. The tank gets a pyramid and 23 like the others I’ve painted. The missiles were painted white first. The yellow details were next. Then the tiny black details followed.

Be sure to back the Ogre Miniatures Set 2 Kickstarter if you haven’t already!

~Hope you enjoyed the article, and I hope everyone out there that has received their set 1 minis is having as much fun painting them as I have been.

4 thoughts on “Ogre: Painting a Camo Missile Tank

  1. Great tutorials. Actually inspires me to try painting minis for the first time in 25+ years (shudder). When you say “Then a thin line of Thrall Flesh is used to pick out and define all the edges.”, is this thin line laid down wet along the length of the edge, or drybrushed across the edge? Thanks, erik


  2. Thanks. I’ll give both a try. I’ll practice doing some even, straight tiny lines. Trying to paint a few old tank minis now, and learning to use ink washes. I think i need to put them on with a wider brush, as i see they build up density with overlap and come out blotchy. When painting, do you use a wet palette or dry? i used some Vallej
    o light blue, and it seemed to set up on the dry palette very quickly.


    1. It sounds like you’re in the right track with washes. You need to apply them thin enough that they dry evenly and if one area dries before the rest it can leave a noticeable line. Get the wash over the whole area before any of it dries.

      For a palette I use the back of my hand. Every once in awhile I’ll use a dry palette with some retarder to slow the drying. I don’t use dropper bottle paints because they will dry while you use them. Lot’s of people like them but I’d rather use pots with a lid I can dip my brush into.


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