Ogre: Painting a Desert Camo GEV

Ogre: Painting a Desert Camo GEV

Let’s do another camo GEV – this time painted up for a very different theater.


I start with a basecoat of P3 Gun Corps Brown. This is given a thin wash of Agrax Earth, then Drybrushed with Hammerfall Khaki, then Hammerfall Khaki with some Menoth White Highlight mixed in to it.


Brown Blobs are added with P3 Bloodtracker Brown thinned with some Agrax Earth.


Next some smaller dots of P3 Umbral Umber are added.


Then the trickiest part: edge highlighting all the plates, panels and assorted ridges with Menoth White Highlight.


After trying a lighter color for the skirt and not liking it, I went with black. I guess if this were a real GEV that would make it easier to spot, but I prefer to sacrifice a little bit of realism if I think it will look better.

I also painted the windows with Cygnar Blue Highlight with a lot of Menoth White Highlight added to lighten it up. I painted Monday’s Arctic Camo GEV‘s windows the same way, but forgot to add that step. Whoops.


Then I add the markings. This time I’ve just painted a whole square area white so that the 23 stands out.

If you want to see some shots of Wave 2 in action, check out the gallery Hunter added to the SJGames Facebook Page (if you hadn’t already).

~Hope you enjoyed the article. I only have one more camo article left. I will try to put it up next week.

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