Ogre: Painting an Arctic Camo GEV

Ogre: Painting an Arctic Camo GEV

The Ogre Miniatures Set 2 Kickstarter is beginning very soon, so here’s some long overdue Ogre miniatures content.


The GEV Began in much the same way as the white Ogre Mk V and accompanying units from this article on drybrushing. It’s a Basecoat of P3 Frostbite that was washed with GW’s Drakenhof Nightshade with just a bit of GW’s Nuln Oil mixed in. This was drybrushed with P3 Morrow White.



Next I add some stripes of P3 Ironhull Gray with a little GW Nuln Oil mixed in to thin it out and help it settle into the recesseses.


Next I add some spots with Abaddon Black which is just a pure black.


Now for the most painstaking step by far: thin white stripes down all the edges and armor plates to really define the vehicle’s shape.


There are a few different things going on here.  Let’s start with the skirt. I wanted it to have suitable contrast with the rest of the vehicle to appear distinct. But it still needed to be white or it would defeat the purpose of having arctic camo. I solved this by using a warm toned white which ended up contrasting pretty well with the cool white hull. I used a basecoat mixed from Hammerfall Khaki (P3) and Menoth White Base (P3). This was drybrushed with Morrow White like the hull.

The windows were painted with a mix of P3’s Exile Blue and Umbral Umber. I use this mix a lot when I want a desaturated blue.

I applied some black ink to the center fan to make the detail stand out better.

Then I gave the turbines a coat of Greatcoat Gray (P3) and gave them a few quick highlights with Frostbite.


The final step was to add markings to the side. For this 23 I began with the white “outline.” The darker 23 was drawn inside the original white creating the outline.


You may remember this little diagram from the last Ogre article. It shows how I plan out little numbers like this to try to make sure the proportions are right. Start with the dots then fill in the rest.

~Hope you enjoyed the article. I’m going to try to have another Ogre article soon as the campaign continues.

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