Ogre: Painting a Camo Heavy Tank

Ogre: Painting a Camo Heavy Tank

Today I have another painting article for all of you Ogre fans out there. This one is for something a little different from the usual Ogre Minis you’ll be seeing.

It’s a proven fact: bright colors move minis. It’s why most miniatures manufacturers have rich vibrant figures in their catalogs. Still, some folks definitely prefer camo, and this article is for them. Today we’re just focusing on the front Heavy Tank from the picture.



You’re essentially looking at steps 1 and 2 here. A basecoat of P3 Moldy Ochre has been washed with GWs Agrax Earth Wash.



Then it’s drybrushed with P3’s Menoth White Base followed by another drybrushing of Menoth White Highlight. I did another article on Drybrushing fairly recently so make sure to have a look if you haven’t seen it yet.



Now the camo begins. I mix some more of that Agrax Earth wash with some P3 Ordic Olive, then delicately paint on the alternating bands you see here. The reason for the mix is that it actually coats unevenly. This lends itself to more of a camo feel than a straight out of the pot paint. The proper mixture is important. Too much wash and it will pool and not create the stripes. Too much paint and it goes on flat and, in my opinion, less natural looking.

I start with a bead of wash on my palette and mix in increasing amounts of paint until I like the consistency. If you want stripes like these you will need a steady hand, but for the less dexterous among you, camo blobs are much easier to apply.



Next another band of stripes is added. This time I mix P3’s Umbral Umber into the Agrax Wash rather than Ordic Olive.



By this point the camo is doing what camo does – breaking up the outline of the vehicle. We need to re-define it’s shape by carefully lining all the edges with Menoth White Base. The large edges of the tank can be lined using the side, rather than the tip of the brush. This edging technique takes a bit of practice but it doesn’t require the steadiest of hands. As for the interior lines – like the ones separating the different armored plates of the treads – well… there just isn’t really a good trick here. Just hold your breath and try to aim straight.


Last up, we all know if you want it to look like a proper military vehicle it needs markings. This one has a nice little pyramid, and is numbered 23, because of course it is. Again, there’s no real trick here other than a steady hand. One thing that can help you practice and get more confident is to start with points just to make sure everything is spaced correctly.


You can try starting with something like the dark blue points shown here, then fill in the rest by connecting the dots. While it will be extremely difficult to get something as precise as the light blue numbers here, this extra step can help keep the numbers even.

Then all that remains is to camo up the additional seven Heavy Tanks, six Missile Tanks, eight GEVs, four Howitzers, 42 and infantry, and Command Post that will come in your Ogre Miniatures Set 1 box. Oh yes, and the Ogres. They will probably get cranky if you don’t paint them as well.

~Hope you enjoyed the article! What color will you be painting your Ogres and Units?



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