Finished Skarrd

Finished Skarrd

Now with individual shots of everyone.

Here’s the group shot again. 

The first Buzzblade. 

The reverse. 

Next buzzblade. I wonder what his name is.

The reverse. 

The final Buzzblade. 

The reverse. 

Our first harpy. I decided they should have colored hair. It took forever to get the camera to focus on her face. It seems to have a hard time with these. 

Another angle. 

Our next harpy. 

Another angle. 

Our last one, and my favorite of the bunch. 

Another angle. 

Here’s a big honkin heap of muscle. He was a lot of fun. All the large areas of skin let me try a lot of different colors. 

Another angle. 

And definitely one more. Oh yeahhhhh…

I think the Tribal Father ended up my favorite. I was going for a more pale look but I’m happy with how he turned out. 

~ Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I’ve taken wips of my last few projects. Hopefully I’ll have time to turn them into some content soon. 

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