Knight Models: Thing

Knight Models: Thing

The last of the Cosmic Heroes: Thing.


No painting tutorial unfortunately. There just didn’t seem to be enough going on with Thing to really justify a whole painting article. If you want to see my technique for painting a rocky fella like Thing here you can go to BoLS for my Mountain King Painting Tutorial. His back rocks received a very similar treatment. I used a lot of dark blue shading this guy – the same Navy Mix of Exile Blue and Umbral Umber I mention so much.



A little sad to know this will be the last Cosmic Hero I’ll paint. Unless of course Knight reacquires the Marvel License or Licenses their rules out to someone else with the Marvel License.

I do have one Cosmic Villain left to paint however. I was lucky enough to find a Thanos at a store last December.


Here’s a pic of the whole group. I can’t believe I took 6 pictures and this one was the best of the set. And that was with a lot of correcting for quality. It may be time to throw my camera out.


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