Knight Models: Painting Nova Part 3

Knight Models: Painting Nova Part 3

Let’s finish up Nova!

I start Nova’s glowing circles by delicately dampening the surrounding area by brushing on some clean water then I add some thinned Cygnar Blue along those rings, allowing the capillary action to pull it out. This takes a couple of applications of the blue. This is how I usually begin a glow, and often this technique only really works as a guide for more active blending of the glows later on. This time I was actually satisfied enough that I didn’t bother with any more after this. It could look a bit better, but I only ever plan to use this guy for tabletop and this should be more than satisfactory.

Now I’m lightening the interior of the circles and eyes. I also highlight the edges of the rings. I’m not sure if this is 100% realistic per se. Glows on miniatures are more about making it feel right than making it technically correct.

After adding some more intensity to the inner light of the glows, I finally get to his face star. It’s painted with Skorne Red.

I add some highlights to the star with Khador Red Highlight and then some Ryn Flesh. I also blended some color into that central chest strut because it was feeling a little too dark.

I tried for awhile to better define the shape of the star by giving it a bit of shading, but it was just too fine and eventually I decided it wasn’t worth messing with.

Maybe one of these days I’ll do an article about painting these bases I’ve been using.

I still wasn’t 100% satisfied with the eyes, so I added a thin line of reflected glow along the interior of the eyeholes of his helmet.

~ Thanks for reading! Are any of you fans of Nova?


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